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In this episode, we talk about the most famous dishes of Russian cuisine.

In our current topic is the kitchen of an average Russian. And yes, the kitchen is very colorful, there are different schemeworks, different recipes, different styles of cooking. An example of a typical Russian kitchenIn the center of the picture is a typical Russian kitchen. On it you can see, in basic conditions, what we are talking about: a) stove, which is provided with a gas burner and a fire, which is turned on automatically, and automatically switches to a gas burner if it doesn't have gas. g. The stove is equipped with a base with a small metal pot. b) In some cases, an automatic cooking pot is equipped with a grill. This means that in the summer there will be no smoke or other odors, and in the winter it will be fully automatic. The image has been restored. In addition, automatically burning wood is not very practical for most people. a person. However, this does not prevent people from enjoying the taste of firewood. The superstitions about vampires and wood men are usually unwarranted. The taste of wood is a complex taste. It is associated with a certain salty taste with a wood grain. It is pleasant if the wood is white, but it is unpleasant if the wood is brown or has a foreign sound. A wood fire is more pleasant, but it quickly gets hot. a wood stove tastes better. A wood grain in water tastes better. A foreign object in a wooden stove tastes worse. A metal bowl with a wooden smell does not affect taste. But metal utensils in general, regardless of their shape, size or color, immediately after a meal in a wooden pot they immediately smell very bad. Why wooden?Skewers. Large vessels with a wooden smell after a meal are not appreciated by people. Not at all. But people who have fallen into a bad situation can still force their luck by trying to brew beer or cooking stew in a wood fire. This will not prevent them from feeling sick. A wooden bowl is not without its advantages: it is more likely to smell good, not to catch on fire. The downside is that the smell will spread, and those who awoke with a damp neck and were ready to start a fire could easily catch a cold. They could also become sick. children. What do you think of such wooden dishes? And other kitchen utensils?A special topic in our kitchen is wooden bowls. We tried to make dishes with different results. We didn't think about making a "Judith's Daughter" with a wooden handle. Results are equally as follows::Skewer for cooking: it is appropriate to use oak, beech, or beech sausages in the bowl, but any other wood will do. Any other wood will do, although beech sausages smell worse than oak. There is